Tuesday, 5 April 2011

So much happens in a week. I sometimes struggle to keep up.

I woke up feeling pretty good today. And for a minute even the sun was shining! I've started rereading "The Call" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.


... Here's a few of my fav lines so far...

"I want to know hot to do it differently, how to let the love I know is within me guide me when I am tired and impatient and judgmental with those around me."

"What you are looking for cannot be earned or paid for with suffering or hard work. It's a gift. Grace. It can only be received."

"Try easier."


I'll leave the rest of this entry as it is. I wrote the second half first, but wanted to put my favourite lines from the book I'm reading at the beginning of my blog entry. As I typed "Try easier", the day took an entertaining and stressful turn. I've spent the last two hours dealing with rude people while trying to straighten out bill payments and the money wrongfully taken from my bank account. Didn't get the exact results I was hoping for, but I can breathe a bit and relax while I wait.

Try easier...hahaha. Easier typed than done.


Something is starting to happen in the healing part of my life. New, more intense feelings have surfaced this week. And it's all about my childhood. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the recent interaction between my parents and my oldest child have triggered all of this. Seems there is a whole lot of anger still. No matter how many times I've said I'm working towards forgiving them...here I sit..pissed right off. Quite grateful for a two hour counselling session this week. I'm gonna need it!

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