Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Another day with a stomach ache. The pain is tolerable and the swelling has reduced some, so looks like I'll live. Seems it was a horrendous case of indigestion. I've had brutal pains in the past..sometimes it's an intestinal infection, hernia, or just my sensitive tummy. Frustrating.

Which brings me back to negativity and stress. How much is stress triggering these attacks? I think it's safe to say it's at least making them worse. So while I look into food elimination, I should also be aware of how I react and handle stress. I think my reaction to every negative moment in the household is playing it's part in this whole situation. Medically..I'm "fine" what's left?

I'm not saying it's all in my mind..there's something very physical going on here. I just think I'm going to rely less on test results and more on diet and lifestyle. I believe I can reduce the agony by changing my mind, so to speak.

I've proven in the past, that a positive attitude yields positive results...why not try?

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