Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Oh my tummy

The pain was ridiculous this time. And my stomach swelled up soooo big. Even almost 24 hours later I'm still swollen and cramping. I've always had a sensitive stomach, but this is too much.

The trip to ER has ruled out some more things, so the list of "what isn't wrong" is growing...but still not understanding this last attack. And now I feel heartburn starting up. Argh.

At this point I'm going to try an elimination diet and see what happens. Basically eat rice, certain veggies and fruit, nuts, and lots of water. Once I get to a point where I have not suffered any pain for quite a number of days I can introduce new foods (one at a time) and keep track of any changes.

Symptoms right now..

- swollen abdomen
- painful cramps on the right hand side.
- frequent tightening in the middle of stomach
- burning on the top part of the stomach
- acid reflux
- gassy
- constipated

Definitely not my sexiest moment. And I'm oh so tired. I've had two small bowls of white rice in the last hour and that's the only thing I've eaten today. Going to drink lots of water and hope for a good rest tonight.

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