Monday, 25 April 2011

Spiritually disconnected

I took a career decision making course this time last year and every morning we had "check in". We had to use one word to describe how we were feeling physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and group wise. Right now...

Physically - rested
Emotionally - happy
Mentally - busy
Spiritually - lost/disconnected
Group - well I'm home by myself right now ;)

My sister in law and her family were here for dinner yesterday and they had just come back from an AA round up. They definitely had their spiritual batteries recharged. 

~~~Spirituality can refer to an ultimate reality or transcendent dimension of the world; an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his or her being, or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live.

~~~Spirituality is defined as the  “human quest for personal meaning and mutually fulfilling relationships among people, the nonhuman environment, and, for some, God” 

It's this feeling of disconnection that has me feeling incomplete at the moment. Off-kilter. 

Whenever I'm reading about Buddhism or meditating on a regular basis I have a comfortable (almost complete) feeling come over me. I know I need to make my own spirituality a priority in order to put "the best me" out there. It's easy to get caught up in the daily this or that...only to notice one day something isn't right. I've had this before and until last year wasn't able to recognize the "missing" element. Just knowing is reassuring, but not enough. Time to scale back the hectic lifestyle as best I can right now and work on myself a bit. 

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