Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Misfit Me

If it wasn't for my husband and daughters, I'd go insane. (I hope they know just how much I love them!)

I'm blaming it all on quitting smoking..but jesus..it just feels like I don't belong any where. What is my problem? I get that it probably stems from not fitting in with my own birth family and just became a fast moving train wreck from there. And most of the time I really could care less. But lately it's eating at me.

I suppose I could drive myself mental with all this. I probably have already started.

To top it off I'm sick so the neediness is kicked up a few notches. And I'm whiny.

I cannot wait for this to pass. I went through it when I quit drinking. It was brutal then and it's brutal now. The upside is that I do know I come out of this with a greater sense of self. Just need to ride the wave, I guess.

Addictions suck.

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