Monday, 19 September 2011

3 months!!!

I have 3 months smoke free! I'm pretty excited and proud of myself. I also have 15 extra pounds...not as exciting. Those are leaving pretty damn quick. Today is the day I remain attentive to my food intake and make sensitive choices. Water over pop. Fruit over sugar. Veggies instead of chips. It's a good start and I know I can stick to it for one day. Just today.

Funny how everything in my life goes back to "one day at a time". Addict to the core, I guess. I'd love to be addicted to meditating, sensible eating and proper exercise. To be addicted to balance! Hehe

This whole "new me" thing isn't easy. It seemed to be at first, but I was still smoking. It's AMAZING how much smoking covers everything. Not only is nicotine a powerful, physically addicting's also a wonderful tool used to stuff emotions/feelings/memories. It's an insanely hard habit to kick.

I believe it gets better. Trust the process, right?

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