Thursday, 24 November 2011

Damn you nicotine!

So I have to quit smoking AGAIN! This is ridiculous! Even I'm tired of hearing myself say "I quit smoking!" It's been an ongoing battle for, what feels like, forever! I've never had a good excuse for starting again. Just a freakin addict who is capable of justifying anything when I want to feed the monster inside me.

I need a plan. I need to examine what I've done in the past and decide what I am doing for my last quit. This time I need to determine what will "replace" cigarettes.



~Meditation in the morning to combat the anxiety attack that happens as soon as I realize I am not having that first cigarette.
~Meditation throughout the day when the "end all" cravings hit.
~Yoga to ground myself and to bring exercise back into my life.
~A journal to keep me focused on why I need to stay away from the poisonous crap.
~WATER! Oh so much water! Flush out those damn toxins!
~Deep breathing.
~Baths. As many as I need in the first few days.
~A good bye letter to nicotine. It's time to part ways.
~PATIENCE! Need to be gentle with myself. It's not just willpower. It's the fight of my life. Compassion and loving kindness for myself will go a long way.

And a quit date. I'm doing this cold turkey. The anxiety will subside and I believe all my other "attempts" have failed when I've tried to quit whatever "vessel" I've used to deliver the drug. Nicotine is the addiction.

Stay tuned!

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